Would you like your post-secondary and senior high-school students to self-assess their employABILITY?

4th October 2017

Fellow news

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ALTF Fellow and project leader, Dawn Bennett, has launched the Student Employability Starter Kit as part of her fellowship that responds to the demand for change within higher education teaching and among students and graduates by operationalising program-wide employability development.

Dawn defines employability as ‘the metacognitive ability to find, create and sustain work and learning across lengthening working lives and multiple work settings’. Dawn’s Literacies for Life model is grounded in social cognitive theory. The associated measure has been transformed into a self-assessment tool and personalised employABILITY profile, which form part of a vibrant Student Employability Starter Kit.

The self-assessment tool is free, as are the resources. Educators can request an anonymised, cohort-wide profile summary as well as assistance with the workshop and reflection process. The educator site hosts multiple employability development resources for use with students, and the tool is research-enabled for colleagues who wish to analyse the aggregated findings.

For more information, please contact Dawn at developingemployability@curtin.edu.au