The following articles were first published in Campus Morning Mail in 2019. They come from commissioning editor Sally Kift’s series on what is needed now in teaching and learning.


Stopping “pass the parcel” with practice-based student learning

9th December 2019
Professor Amanda Henderson

Connectedness 2.0: Towards a theory of HE connectedness for the best chance for all

17th November 2019
Professor Sally Kift

Review wrangling for tertiary sector literacy

20th October 2019
Professor Sally Kift PFHEA FAAL

The new graduate capability: how to think for a living (employability re-defined)

3rd October
Professor Dawn Bennett

Going meta: re-imagining tertiary education 

3rd October
Professor Sally Kift PFHEA FAAL

Why engaging with ‘students as partners’ is more than a trendy hot topic

8th September 2019
Associate Professor Kelly Matthews

Who is teaching our students?

1st September 2019
Associate Professor Marina Harvey

Closing the awareness gap

25th August 2019
Professor Angela Carbone

Needed now: authentic alumni engagement

11th August 2019
Professor Jessica Vanderlelie 

Needed now: A revaluing of of HASS education

20th July 2019
Dr Deanne Gannaway 

Evolutions in higher education systems 

13th July 2019
Professor Nicolette Lee

Transition from from university to professional life: are we short-changing graduates?

30th June 2019
Professor Trevor Cullen

Working with students in partnership

23rd June 2019
Professor Sally Varnham

Fostering the future capability of our learners, out universities and our communities

16th June 2019
Professor Ruth Bridgstock PFHEA

University teachers need teaching qualifications

10th June 2019
Adjunct Associate Professor Kym Fraser

Needed now: Student equity that’s more than an add-on

2nd June 2019
Professor Sarah O’Shea PFHEA CF

Preparing Students for Future Professional Life

12th May 2019
Emeritus Professor Angela Brew SFSEDA

Overhauling assessment practices

19th May 2o19
Professor Geoffrey Crisp PFHEA FHERDSA

Three issues for STEM Education

25th May 2019
Professor Helen MacGillivray PFHEA