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  • CMM Series | Stopping ‘Pass the Parcel’ with practice-based student learning

    8th December 2019

    CMM article

    This article was first published in Campus Morning Mail on 8 December 2019

    Graduate capability and employability are regarded as critical success factors for degree programs by universities, industry and students. A common response by the higher education sector to demands for better employability outcomes has been to develop and further work-based experiences for academic credit within degree programs.

    Successful work-based experiences are very dependent on the quality and continuity of academic-industry liaison. Particularly, the value of the opportunities afforded to students is reliant on the understanding each party has about the other’s business: meaningful, responsive and continuing conversations are paramount for worthwhile learning experiences. Ideally, student involvement in work-based encounters then builds student self-efficacy, advances student knowledge and skills, encourages questioning and guides student reflection on practice that advances ways of knowing and working. Read more…


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Strengthening attainment of student learning outcomes during work-integrated learning: A collaborative governance framework across academia, industry and students

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