Professor Maree O'Keefe

Professor Maree O'Keefe

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Expertise: curriculum, governance, interprofessional


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  • CMM Series | Educating health professionals in the age of Dr Google

    19th January 2020

    CMM article

    This article was first published in Campus Morning Mail on January 19,  2019

    Once upon a time if you were feeling unwell or something hurt you went to the doctor. The doctor listened, examined you, diagnosed the problem and then explained what you should do about it.

    Today, if you feel unwell or something hurts, you are more likely to google your symptoms, gather copious amounts of information, decide what you think is wrong, look up what might help and then go to a health professional with your self-diagnosis handy.

    In the information age, when knowledge is at our fingertips, patients increasingly come to health professionals looking for advice about managing information sourced from the internet. Read more…


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