A pedagogy of supervision for the technology discipline

2008 ALTC Teaching Fellow

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Professor Christine Bruce

Fellowship years: 2008 - 2009

Abstract: This Fellowship has developed a pedagogy of higher degree research supervision for the technology disciplines. It has investigated technology discipline supervisors’ thinking around pedagogy in the HDR context and has explored what it means to think about postgraduate study and supervision in terms of teaching and learning. A framework representing key aspects of supervisory pedagogy based on the viewpoints of discipline supervisors has been established and has begun to explore how supervisors can be supported in achieving such a pedagogy, especially through the development of resources. The framework offers a wide range of options for supervisors to consider. Postgraduate supervisors in the technology disciplines now have access to a pedagogical framework that is grounded in research and based on understandings of possible pedagogical approaches. Findings from the Fellowship include identifying the many different ways supervisors in the technology disciplines think about teaching and learning in higher education; and the several different approaches to and strategies employed in supervision in these disciplines. The Fellowship has produced materials for supervisors and students, 44 case studies and four papers. All are available on the ALTC Exchange and the QUT E-prints Repository. The Fellowship report makes eight recommendations for enhancing supervision and research training in the technology disciplines.

Fellowship discipline: Disciplines, Higher Degree Research Supervision, Technology