Agents of Change: using awards for teaching excellence to identify and develop new generations of leadership in learning and teaching

2008 ALTC Teaching Fellow

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Winthrop Professor Mark Israel

Fellowship years: 2008 - 2011

Abstract: Responding to a series of challenges presented by senior researchers of leadership in learning and teaching in Australian universities, this Fellowship program aims to identify the ways that institutional, disciplinary and national teaching award schemes have and could be used to develop new generations of leadership in higher education. The project investigates award recipients' understanding of leadership and charts their development of skills, knowledge and capacity in the area. Using Flinders University as a trial site, it will provide direct input into a Leadership Program and the ALTC-funded Pathways to Excellence initiative. In addition, through project and institutional partnerships, it will disseminate better practice through the sector, building on work achieved by and integrating lessons from three excellence-related schemes - the Awards for Teaching Excellence, the Leadership for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Program, and the Promoting Excellence Initiative.

Fellowship discipline: Awards, Generation, Leadership, Renewal, Teaching