Approaches to learning and teaching in evolving technology fields to enhance graduate employability

2015 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Dr Jason West

Fellowship years: 2015 - 2017

Abstract: Many issues and topics appropriate for undergraduate university level study are simply too complex to be properly investigated within a single discipline. They require the coordinated efforts of many specialists. In contrast to interdisciplinary pedagogies, pluridisciplinarity requires two or more disciplines to fundamentally combine their expertise to jointly address an area of common concern. This approach to learning and teaching is critical for emerging technology fields like Data Science and Big Data. These fields engage in deep knowledge discovery through data inference and exploration, they investigate analytically complex scientific problems and engage in evidence-based analytical rigor to build robust decision capabilities. This fellowship will promote critical conversations between disciplines to develop and deliver effective learning and teaching pedagogies for authentic pluridisciplinary fields, without undermining the integrity of individual disciplines. This fellowship’s objective is to encourage learning and teaching development across rapidly evolving disciplines to improve graduate employability, leveraged through existing learning design networks.

Fellowship discipline: Cross-disciplinary

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Validating curriculum development using text mining

West, J.