Bridging the gap: Matching students and staff through discipline-based self-evaluation and co-creation of more appropriate pedagogies in engineering

2007 ALTC Associate Teaching Fellow

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Professor Wageeh Boles

Fellowship years: 2007 - 2010

Abstract: Australia is facing a skill shortage in engineers. Nationally we must address ingrained educational problems in our engineering programs in order to retain the students we have and increase program intakes. What are we doing wrong? Research shows a mismatch between students' learning styles, staff teaching styles and engineering pedagogies, causing students to disengage from the discipline. Bridging the gap between students and staff requires a collaborative problem-solving effort involving both groups in self-evaluation and co-creation of more relevant pedagogies. This Fellowship will work with current students and staff across three universities, to bridge this gap by modelling a process of investigation, analysis, problem-solving, pedagogical design and implementation that develops a culture of shared responsibility between students and staff for creating learning outcomes. The model reduces the problem of staff working in isolation with their student evaluation data, by popularising a systematic process for ongoing co-creation of effective discipline-based pedagogies.

Fellowship discipline: Bridging the gap, Discipline-based, Engineering, Environment, Self-evaluation