Building a network of academics that collaborate to assemble content for an online, cost effective, histology learning and teaching resource for use by students attending Australian and overseas universities and colleges

2009 ALTC Teaching Fellow

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Professor Geoff Meyer

Fellowship years: 2009 - 2011

Abstract: This fellowship will establish a collaborative network of histology educators to use, and contribute to, the existing instructional resource for learning and teaching histology, created by the fellow at The University of Western Australia. This web-based, computer-aided resource caters for the evolving learning styles of students and has already effected improved quality of learning outcomes for students and their learning experiences, and enhanced the quality of teaching. Many histology teachers in Australia and overseas have recognised these achievements and requested access to this resource for their students. The fellowship will open access to and share this innovation with other Australian and overseas institutions; and provide leadership to add more content and build further tools for this resource through a collaborative network of histology educators who will continually disseminate the benefits of the resource across the sector in Australia and overseas. This will benefit students learning histology and academics and institutions teaching histology.

Fellowship discipline: Cell Biology, Histology, Medical education

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