Building capacity among emerging occupational therapy academic leaders in curriculum renewal and evaluation at UQ and nationally

2010 ALTC Teaching Fellow

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Professor Merrilyn Goos Professor Sylvia Rodger

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2011

Abstract: Whole-of-program curriculum development and renewal requires an understanding of curriculum practice, the engagement of key stakeholders, evaluation of processes, and a focus on student learning outcomes. Currently, within occupational therapy programs, these facets are poorly understood.� This fellowship program focuses on curriculum development across occupational therapy (OT) programs nationally, and across the University of Queensland (UQ) teaching and learning in general. Using an embedded, sustained dissemination and evaluation approach, the program engages a cohort of emerging OT academic leaders in a community of practice designed to build capacity in curriculum development and renewal. Activities facilitating this community of practice include the implementation and evaluation of a new curriculum at UQ, and the delivery of a national symposium designed to share emerging practices. Key program outcomes include the development, evaluation and refinement of a curriculum practice framework; the development of evidence-based guidelines/resources associated with this framework; and the development of a curriculum evaluation framework to investigate student learning experiences and outcomes.

Fellowship discipline: Occupational therapy (allied health)