Building capacity for assessment leadership via professional development and mentoring of course coordinators

2006 ALTC Associate Teaching Fellow

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Fellowship years: 2006 - 2008

Abstract: This Fellowship aimed to build the capacity of course coordinators at UQ to effectively implement the university’s assessment policies, especially in relation to criterion referenced assessment. Research leading to the Fellowship nomination centred the Fellowship program on investigation of a model of professional mentoring that would bring together a pilot group of course coordinators to build a community of assessment practice across the university. Outcomes of the Fellowship include an analysis of the difference between students’ and academics’ understanding of the purposes of feedback; a pilot professional development and mentoring program for course coordinators from six faculties; and the establishment of a university-wide assessment network, which will be maintained in a follow-up project building on the Fellowship. Data from the Fellowship program have informed review of UQ’s assessment policy and impact on practice. The main factors contributing to the success of the Fellowship: leadership characteristics (including credibility, team-building, communication and advocacy) and the use of strategic links with policies to frame project goals, select participants and gain institutional endorsement, also serve as recommendations for promoting and supporting strategic change in higher education. The findings of the Fellowship have been disseminated nationally and internationally.

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