Capstone curriculum across disciplines: synthesising theory, practice and policy to provide practical tools for curriculum design

2013 OLT National Senior Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Nicolette Lee

Fellowship years: 2013 - 2015

Abstract: Capstone curriculum is of increasing importance in Australia as a locus of assessing discipline threshold standards and AQF levels. However, capstone curriculum is extraordinarily diverse and increasingly must meet an array of student, institutional and sector needs, including the threshold standards. This creates enormous complexity for curriculum designers in designing, managing and assessing effective capstone curriculum. While recent projects have made significant inroads in the development of moderation processes, employability and discipline capstones, there remains a need to build a holistic view of the capstone development. The proposed fellowship project will build on previous and current work in the sector to identify capstone innovations and models-in-use, how standards might be demonstrated through a range of approaches, and to provide publicly available and comprehensive practical tools for staff.

Fellowship discipline: Cross-disciplinary

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