CDP: community, domain, practice: facilitator catch cry for revitalising learning and teaching through communities of practice

2010 ALTC Teaching Fellowship

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Associate Professor Jacquie McDonald

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2012

Abstract: Communities of practice (CoPs) are cited in higher education literature and ALTC applications as a successful way of building and sharing a scholarly approach to enhancing learning and teaching practice. This fellowship builds on the fellow’s CoP leadership role at the University of Southern Queensland, which initiated an institutional model for engaging academic staff in situated professional development. This role was recognised through an ALTC Citation (2009) and USQ CoPs received a 2009 AUQA commendation. Academic CoPs operate differently from institutionalised higher education work groups, and the facilitator’s role differs from the familiar chairperson’s role. An action research approach will identify key aspects of the facilitator’s role and use USQ's multimedia capacity to create digital re-enactments to enable critical analysis of the role. Facilitator capacity-building will also include workshops by an international expert, Dr Milton Cox (Miami University, Ohio), and a facilitator's start-up handbook. Activities will build on existing collaboration with Australian academics implementing CoPs and international CoP expert, Dr Etienne Wenger.

Fellowship discipline: All disciplines

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Identifying and building the leadership capacity of community of practice facilitators

McDonald, J., Nagy, J., Star, C., Burch, T., Cox, M. D., & Margetts, F.


Community of Practice Facilitator Resources Overview – Office of Learning and Teaching Grant

McDonald, J.

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Communities of Practice: Sharing our dreams and schemes

McDonald, J.