Changing the game: a national approach to learning and teaching for science and mathematics

2012 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Liz Johnson

Fellowship years: 2012 - 2013

Abstract: Current trends show declining engagement with science and maths amongst Australian students. Not only will this decline reduce technological expertise and innovation in Australia, it will also reduce the capacity of citizens to make informed decisions about their world. There have been many calls for improved teaching at primary, secondary and undergraduate levels, to make science more accessible and engaging for students, most recently from the Chief Scientist and the Australian Academy of Science. The fellowship will generate a national discussion about broad-scale curriculum renewal. The Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) is developing a curated, credible national resource, the National Centre for Teaching and Learning to support curriculum renewal. The Centre will provide authoritative advice and consolidated resources for effective reform. The fellowship will develop engagement with the new Centre, constructing strong and sustainable relationships between the Office for Learning and Teaching science and maths networks, science faculties, disciplinary societies, and leaders in teaching and learning. Dialogue with the sector will also document key issues in teaching and learning for science and maths academics and will identify problems in leading curriculum reform that particularly affect faculties of science.

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