Collaborating across boundaries: a framework for an integrated interprofessional curriculum

2013 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Maree O'Keefe

Fellowship years: 2013 - 2014

Abstract: Interprofessional learning (IPL) activities offer many opportunities for students to develop collaborative capabilities. However, there are significant challenges associated with working across traditional disciplinary boundaries especially within the core curriculum. Broad engagement of academic staff has also proven difficult. The aims of this fellowship are to: a) develop a framework for an integrated IPL curriculum across medicine, dentistry and nursing with a particular focus on academic staff knowledge, skills and attitudes; and b) promote the framework and engage in national dialogue on the development and implementation of an integrated IPL curriculum. Fellowship activities will include staff and student workshops supported by expert scholar consultation. There will be an ongoing focus on building a strong profile for the fellowship and on the dissemination and sustainability of outcomes. This will be achieved by continued promotion of the value of the fellowship within healthcare disciplines nationally: networking with scholars with relevant expertise; and translation of fellowship outcomes for a general higher education audience.

Fellowship discipline: Health