Creating a National Framework for Student Partnership in University Decision-Making and Governance

2016 OLT National Senior Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Sally Varnham

Fellowship years: 2016 - 2017 (year due to complete)

Abstract: This Fellowship builds on the momentum developed in the OLT Strategic Priority Project: ‘Student Engagement in university decision making and governance’. Informed by comparative international research and a national survey of student engagement in university decision-making within Australia, the Fellowship will produce a national framework for student partnership in university decision-making and governance. The Fellowship will take an inclusive and collaborative approach, so that all stakeholders, from student leaders, student engagement staff, senior academics, Vice Chancellors, and policy makers will have opportunities to contribute to the framework. The project’s international research has shown how student partnership through engagement is now firmly embedded in higher education sectors elsewhere and evidence shows clear benefits for universities and their students in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning and the educational experience of students. The outcomes from this Fellowship will contribute to the maintenance of Australia’s international reputation as a provider of high quality university education.

Fellowship discipline: Multidisciplinary

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Good Practice Case Studies Report – Australian examples of student engagement

Varnham, S.

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