Curriculum and pedagogic bases for effectively integrating practice-based experiences

2009 ALTC National Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Stephen Billett

Fellowship years: 2009 - 2011

Abstract: This fellowship will generate, embed and widely disseminate a set of evidence-based approaches for the effective design and enactment of work integrated learning (WIL). These goals will be realised through identifying, enacting and appraising curriculum and pedagogic practices in 18 disciplinary areas across the physical (eg engineering), social (eg journalism) and human sciences (eg physiotherapy). The fellowship process comprises collaborative capacity-building activities for staff and strengthening institutional capacity, guided by the fellow, within and across six universities (James Cook, Griffith, Newcastle, LaTrobe, Flinders, Murdoch) each of which is committed to purposeful engagement with the fellowship and embedding its outcomes. This process is guided by the following questions: 1. What combination of curriculum and pedagogic practices secures successful WIL experiences and learning outcomes? 2. How practices are best enacted before, during and after practice-based experiences? 3. What particular curriculum and pedagogic practices are likely to secure knowledge required for effective professional practice?

Fellowship discipline: Education, Practice based learning