Curriculum design for assuring learning in buisness education – leading the way

2013 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Professor Romy Lawson

Fellowship years: 2013 - 2014

Abstract: Quality in teaching and learning is a key issue in higher education in Australia. Therefore it is important for institutions to be able to make the expectations they have for their students explicit and then assure that these expectations have been achieved. The question is how do we ensure that these attributes get developed during degree programs and how can evidence that can lead to continuous improvement be captured. The initial focus to achieve this has to be reviewing the curriculum design to make sure a holistic, integrated, collaborative and maintainable approach is being adopted to foster these expectations throughout the program. This approach is a cultural change for some academics and so in conjunction with curriculum design, leadership strategies to support change must also be adopted. This fellowship will build on the OLT Strategic Project: Hunters and Gatherers to support curriculum design and cultural change leadership in business education.

Fellowship discipline: Business Studies

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