Developing a model for interprofessional learning during clinical placements for medical and nursing undergraduate students

ALTC Associate Teaching Fellow

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Fellowship years: - 2011

Abstract: In health care settings, doctors, nurses and allied professionals work as a multi-disciplinary team to provide comprehensive patient care. Teamwork is mandatory for good clinical practice; however, in Australia, the clinical preparation of health care students is undertaken unilaterally.Undergraduate learning needs to better reflect actual clinical practice, namely, collaboration between the disciplines of medicine and nursing, and interaction with patients. Interprofessional learning in clinical settings, that develops knowledge of respective roles, enhances mutual regard, communication, and collaboration between doctors and nurses, is proposed. Interprofessional learning requires building capacity of clinicians who supervise students during practice and providing additional structured facilitated student learning sessions. This Fellowship develops, implements and evaluates an educational model that supports interprofessional learning for medical and nursing students during clinical placements. Students collaborate to plan and undertake care. Patients are actively integrated into learning to extend the students' clinical knowledge and their communication skills. This fellowship is in partnership with Professor Amanda Henderson, Griffith University.

Fellowship discipline: Interprofessional learning, clinical placements, undergraduate, medical and nursing, model


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