Developing learning and professional judgement in large classes through collaborative self and peer assessment

2010 ALTC Teaching Fellowship

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Associate Professor Keith Willey

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2013

Abstract: This fellowship will focus attention on, and assist academics to adopt, design, and implement collaborative learning-oriented assessments incorporating the innovative use of self- and peer-assessment. After developing supporting resources, training and support will be provided to disseminate and adapt tested practices to individual contexts. Particular emphasis will be placed on the use of the tool, SPARKPLUS, that facilitates self- and peer-assessment of an individual’s contribution to a team project, or individual work, and enables students to benchmark their judgement against both their peers and academics. SPARKPLUS supports the use of assessments in large classes with minimal administrative burden, and assists in the moderation of academic standards. With the correct scaffolding, students are able to monitor and receive feedback on their own progression and graduate attribute development as they progress through their degree. This fellowship will build on the momentum of recent ALTC-supported assessment initiatives, influence curriculum development, and provide academics with new insights on approaches to assessment.

Fellowship discipline: Non-disciplinary

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