Developing pedagogical models for building creative workforce capacities in undergraduate students

2006 ALTC Senior Teaching Fellow

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Adjunct Professor Erica McWilliam

Fellowship years: 2006 - 2008

Abstract: The learning outcomes of higher education need to be relevant to an increasingly unpredictable and irregular social world in which supply and demand is neither linear nor stable, and labour is shaped by complex patterns of anticipations, time and space (Bauman, 2004). Undergraduate students who are seeking employment in this world will need to be able to combine functionality and aesthetics in new and value-adding ways (Pink, 2005). A creative workforce capability required to function optimally in this changing landscape is the ability to edit reality to organise and re-organise it to create new meanings rather than regurgitating content knowledge (Lessig, 2005). Creativity-focused pedagogy responds to this challenge by eschewing long-winded content delivery in favour of more experimental and error-welcoming modes of pedagogical engagement (Zull, 2004). This Fellowship seeks to identify actual instances of such teaching practices in order to understand how such practices can be developed, supported and enhanced more broadly across undergraduate programs.

Fellowship discipline: Creative Arts, Learning innovation, Undergraduate, Workforce