Developing tailored study plans for the new higher education environment

2014 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Joe Shapter

Fellowship years: 2014 - 2016 (year due to complete)

Abstract: The higher education sector is at a crossroads. Approaches used to engage students for the better part of the last thousand years are no longer working and the problem is likely to get worse. It is timely that the sector examines paths forward to address and indeed engage in the new environment in which it will work in the future. This fellowship will catalyse and inform (by examination of best practice in Australia and elsewhere) a sector-wide discussion regarding the future of study pathways within Australian universities, private providers and TAFEs by engaging students, staff, professional associations, industry and other interested parties. The outcome of the fellowship will be options for institutions that promote high-level student engagement in the emerging environment but still guarantee that Australian higher education will provide the highest quality education possible.

Fellowship discipline: Learning environments