Educating the Edisons of the 21st Century: Embedding tools of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) into the engineering curriculum

2016 OLT National Senior Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Iouri Belski

Fellowship years: 2016 - 2019

Abstract: This Fellowship is aligned with the Government’s vision for higher education in Australia to act as an engine of economic growth. This Fellowship will address the challenge faced by Australian engineering educators in graduating creative engineers, capable of developing novel products and services in a fiercely competitive global market. This challenge arises from the critical need for the Australian industry to outperform our neighbours by offering products and services that cannot be defeated in the market place on price alone. By means of constructing and promotion of a web-based repository of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) educational materials this Fellowship will initiate and lead change in engineering curricula that will enable Australian engineering educators to eliminate the existing gap in generic skills between Australian 15 year-olds and their Asia-Pacific counterparts and will ensure Australian engineering graduates possess the most advanced generic skills of creative problem solving.

Fellowship discipline: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology