Enhancing learning in the laboratory: identifying and promoting best practice in the professional development of demonstrators

2015 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Associate Professor Mauro Mocerino

Fellowship years: 2015 - 2016 (year due to complete)

Abstract: Laboratory classes are essential components of science and engineering degrees. In response to concerns about the quality of instruction in laboratories, a Laboratory Demonstrators Professional Development Programme (LDPDP) was developed to enhance the teaching skills of laboratory demonstrators. In 2013, this LDPDP received an Office for Learning and Teaching Award for Programs that Enhance Learning. This fellowship will improve the learning experience of students in laboratories through the enhanced learning experience of students in laboratories through the enhanced professional skills of demonstrators. Following consultation with national and international scholars in institutions that have established professional development programmes, a refined LDPDP will be developed and disseminated across Australia via local facilitators. To increase the profile and benefits of quality laboratory teaching, a framework for an evidenced-based "Certificate of Laboratory Demonstrating" will be developed.

Fellowship discipline: Science, engineering