Enhancing undergraduate engagement through research and inquiry

2008 ALTC National Teaching Fellowship

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Emeritus Professor Angela Brew

Fellowship years: 2008 - 2010

Abstract: Engaging undergraduate students in research and inquiry, develops important graduate attributes, engages students meaningfully in higher education and prepares them for a twenty-first century world of work in which knowing how to inquire and critically evaluate knowledge of increasing importance. This Fellowship is designed to bring together a team of international experts and leading Australian collaborators to foster student engagement through developing and sharing protocols for good practice in engaging undergraduate students in research and inquiry in different disciplines. It will bring international scholars and practitioners to Australia to provide opportunities for academic and senior personnel to consider mechanisms to support strategic change in engaging undergraduates in inquiry and to initiate and contribute to strategically important policy debates. It will heighten awareness of critical issues through providing an overview of current practice and funding opportunities and exploring implications for learning and teaching in the future.

Fellowship discipline: Arts, Business Studies, Media and Law, Science


Australiasian Council for Undergraduate Research


Undergraduate Research Australia