Explaining and communicating science: partnership with science and science teacher education academics to support implementation of student-created digital media assignments

2013 OLT National Senior Teaching Fellow

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Associate Professor Garry Hoban

Fellowship years: 2013 - 2016

Abstract: This fellowship will support science and science teacher education academics in implementing assignments that can incorporate a range of narrated student-created digital media such as animation, videos, digital story, podcast, screencasts or blended media. These will engage students in learning, explaining and communicating science to address new teaching and learning standards. To accomplish this I will lead a connected sequence of activities to engage existing and intended users of student created digital media as well as promoting partnerships between science and science teacher education academics. Deliverables will be new partnerships, a web site with resources to support student-created media assignments, a series of workshops conducted at hub universities, an international edited book and a national symposium. Outcomes will be (i) new users of student-created digital media assignments; (ii) academics addressing new teaching and learning standards and engaging in the scholarship of teaching; and (iii) improving teaching and use of technology as priorities identified by the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Review (2011).

Fellowship discipline: Education, Science, Teaching

Fellowship website: http://www.digiexplanations.com