Facilitating and promoting work-integrated learning in an emerging profession: the case of financial planning

2013 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Associate Professor Mark Brimble

Fellowship years: 2013 - 2016

Abstract: The fellowship aims to develop work-integrated learning (WIL) standards that complement and are aligned with the National Financial Planning Curriculum and Accreditation Framework to improve student work readiness, graduate capabilities and employability. This is to be achieved by: (i) engaging stakeholders through the Financial Planning Academics Forum (FPAF) and Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) to build support for the development of WIL standards in financial planning education; (ii) building a shared understanding of existing WIL practices in the financial planning curriculum; (iii) collecting data through an instrument and interview protocol to inform the design of WIL tools and resources; (iv) developing and trialling the WIL tools and resources for use by academic staff and students; (v) disseminating information about the fellowship, WIL tools and resources sector-wide through industry networks, an interactive workshop, conference presentations, a formal report on WIL standards, development of FPEC policy, and peer reviewed journal articles; and (vi) providing a benchmark for professional practice experiences in financial planning degrees.

Fellowship discipline: Economics