Facilitating human research ethics review for student research

2012 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Dr Lisa Wynn

Fellowship years: 2012 - 2014

Abstract: Research-led teaching inspires students and persuades them that they have the skills and capacity to be part of a community of scholars. Teachers and universities face certain barriers in encouraging student research projects, in particular the barrier of obtaining ethics clearance for research projects involving human beings. The fellowship will investigate how to make it easier for students to conduct research projects by looking at how university ethics committees are assessing undergraduate research in social science disciplines. The Fellow will interview teachers and administrators across Australia to determine the range of local-level implementation of national policies on ethics review, and identify whether local procedures for reviewing student research hinder or facilitate a research-led undergraduate curriculum in which students undertake original research. The survey will be used to distil a best-practice model and communicate policy recommendations to Australian universities and the National Health and Medical Research Council which leads national-level policy on research ethics review.

Fellowship discipline: Social Science

Fellowship website: http://www.teaching-research-ethics.com