Finding the balance: Managing tensions and synergies in whole-of-course degree

2012 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Adjunct Professor Margaret Lloyd

Fellowship years: 2012 - 2013

Abstract: Universities strive to shape coherent bodies of knowledge and practice which create a platform for their students to become scholars and practitioners. External industry and regulatory authority requirements impact on this simple aim and on course design. Course designers must be conversant not only with the content and skill demands of their disciplines but also address a spectrum of internal and external curriculum requirements. The fellowship focuses on faculties and schools of education as they redevelop programs and balance the interests of their students and institutions and the higher education sector, discipline-specific professional standards, and external industry and regulatory authority requirements for course accreditation. The fellowship will track the differing but pressing demands on graduates to demonstrate their capacity to apply digital technologies to their future classroom practice. The aims are to document the curriculum redevelopment in Queensland University of Technology's Faculty of Education, mentor leaders in three other faculties undertaking similar redevelopment, and synthesise these experiences into a theorised model and guidelines. These will provide practical, transferable advice to institutions in designing courses that satisfy contemporary agendas while maintaining institutional identity, discipline integrity and academic rigour.

Fellowship discipline: Education