From concept towards implementation: nationwide collaborative assessment of Australian medical students

2012 OLT National Senior Teaching Fellow

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Professor David Wilkinson

Fellowship years: 2012 - 2013

Abstract: In Australia there is no national assessment of graduating medical students' attributes—each school delivers its own exams. In contrast, national licensing exams exist in North America, and alternative models of collaborative nationwide assessment between medical schools are emerging in Europe and Asia.The benefits of shared assessment include public assurance of standards, collaborative benchmarking between programs, and development of models that other professions may consider. Risks include undermining diversity of curricula and removing responsibility for assessment from individual schools. Which model is right for Australia? The fellowship will study established and emerging global models, develop a theoretical framework for an Australian model, and provide leadership in furthering the model. The fellowship will also work towards the establishment of national and global networks of interested scholars and practitioners.

Fellowship discipline: Health, Medicine

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