Improving tertiary pathways through cross-sectoral integration of curriculum and pedagogy in associate degrees

2010 ALTC Teaching Fellow

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Dr Helen Smith

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2013

Abstract: The Fellowship will contribute to improvements in tertiary pathways by exploring how associate degrees respond to learners’ learning preferences and vocational aspirations, trialling pedagogical strategies to improve the alignment between student needs and program delivery, and improving information for prospective students. The Fellowship will: a. Investigate how vocational and academic elements are configured and delivered in associate degrees; b. Investigate secondary student attitudes towards associate degrees and review current information for prospective students; c. Survey associate degree student learning preferences and vocational aspirations; d. Design and incorporation of an integrated tertiary pedagogy encompassing vocational/applied and academic/theoretical learning into selected RMIT associate degrees; and e. Promote program outcomes to stakeholders. Key outcomes will include: 1. Data on current associate degree curricula and pedagogy in the context of student preferences and aspirations; 2. Data to support the development of links with secondary schools and improved information for students; and 3. Dissemination of strategies and guidelines to support improved curriculum development and the introduction of new pedagogies

Fellowship discipline: Business and Applied Science