Internationalisation of the curriculum in action

2010 ALTC National Teaching Fellow

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Professor Betty Leask

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2012

Abstract: Internationalisation in higher education is important in both the local and the global contexts within which universities operate, and internationalisation of the curriculum is a critical component of any university’s internationalisation strategy. The particular focus of this fellowship is the active engagement of academic staff across different disciplines and institutions with internationalisation of the curriculum. It will develop and disseminate a framework for internationalisation of the curriculum in action, illustrated by case studies and supported by a practical ‘how-to’; guide for academic staff seeking to internationalise the curriculum within their disciplinary and institutional context. The primary goal is to provide practical, ongoing support for institutions and, in particular, teams of academic and support staff, across disciplines. The key question that will be considered is ‘How can we internationalise the curriculum in this discipline area, in this particular institutional context, and ensure that, as a result, we improve the learning outcomes of all students?’

Fellowship discipline: All disciplines

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