Library and Information Science Education 2.0: Guiding Principles and Models of Best Practice

2008 ALTC Teaching Fellow

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Professor Helen Partridge

Fellowship years: 2008 - 2011

Abstract: Web 2.0 is changing the nature of libraries and the role of library and information science (LIS) professionals. Web 2.0 requires an LIS professional with a new type of skill and knowledge. However, LIS education in Australia continues to be framed in disciplinary traditions that do not reflect these changing requirements. This Fellowship program will develop Guiding Principles for Library and Information Science Education 2.0. It will make an important contribution to ensuring that Australian LIS graduates are equipped with the capabilities required of the contemporary profession. The proposed ‘whole of discipline’ web 2.0 education framework produced via this fellowship is unique. Although the fellowship's focus is on the LIS discipline, resources will be developed to inform educational practices in other professions. A model for undertaking similar studies in other disciplinary contexts will be provided.

Fellowship discipline: Best practice, curriculum renewal, Library and Information Science, web 2.0

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