More active lecture approaches in science and mathematics: using expert cultural capital to drive change

2013 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Associate Professor Manjula Sharma

Fellowship years: 2013 - 2016 (year due to complete)

Abstract: No feature of science and mathematics education receives more stinging criticism than lectures. Yet, well-conceived lectures enhance a student's on-campus experience while all lectures maintain an economic attraction for administrators. Lectures will persist, and we have an obligation to realise their potential. The proposed fellowship will disseminate existing good practises by empowering effective staff to drive change utilising a distributed leadership approach. This campaign would build on my research on lectures, established relationships, and current leadership of a national network. The fellowship will: identify good practices and foster collaborative partnerships between academics who are enthusiastic about more active approaches in lectures; develop and employ strategies to enlist hesitant academics who are open to change; and support these efforts with policy by advocating with university decision makers. Emergence of active discipline networks now are providing the cultural capital to engage enthusiastic staff in enlisting colleagues who are open to change to stimulate effective action on the ubiquitous lecture.

Fellowship discipline: Mathematical sciences