National standards for psychological literacy and global citizenship

2010 ALTC National Teaching Fellow

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Associate Professor Jacquelyn Cranney

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2012

Abstract: This fellowship will address the further development of academic standards (student learning outcomes, SLOs) for undergraduate psychology education, particularly the refinement of SLOs emphasising psychological literacy and global citizenship. The issue relates to increasing national and international emphasis on accountability in terms of sustainable and relevant educational outcomes. The issue will be addressed primarily through a wide range of network-based curriculum renewal activities, involving key national stakeholder groups. Innovative curriculum strategies for SLO development and assessment will be identified, and guidelines for minimum SLO attainment, assessment and evaluation will be created. These national disciplinary outcomes will be embedded through network prioritising and program accreditation processes. Transdisciplinary impact will be achieved through strategic institutional and national engagement, focusing on generalisation of academic standard development processes, with particular emphasis on global citizenship. Specific indicators of these outcomes are outlined.

Fellowship discipline: psychology

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Fellowship years: 2006 - 2008

Abstract: This Fellowship drove a nationally focused project seeking to (a) address issues raised by a prior scoping project in psychology, and (b) facilitate national uptake of sustainable and evidence-based learning and teaching approaches to the undergraduate curriculum. In particular, the objectives of the Fellowship were to (a) create curriculum structure resources, including student learning outcome guidelines, that are compatible with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Standards and that reflect educationally sound principles; (b) establish a process for the selection and sharing of learning and teaching materials that are explicitly associated with the student learning outcomes; and (c) facilitate both the creation and adoption of evidence-based learning and teaching strategies in psychology, to improve student learning outcomes.

Fellowship discipline: Evidence-based, Psychology, Undergraduate