Navigating a pathway between the academic standards and a framework for authentic, collaborative, outcomes-focused thinking in Engineering Education

2011 ALTC National Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Wageeh Boles

Fellowship years: 2011 - 2013

Abstract: The pending roll-out of threshold learning outcomes devised by the Learning and Teaching Academic Standards project will significantly impact curriculum design, pedagogy and assessment in all Australian tertiary institutions. By developing a transferable framework for collaborative, outcomes-focused thinking, this fellowship program will enable academic staff to constructively engage with the imperative for universities to enhance student learning outcomes. During a Fellow-in-residence program at five Australian universities, an action research approach will be used to support engineering academics in designing and implementing assessment tasks that provide evidence of students’ attainment of learning outcomes. Later, the Fellow will work as a collaborator and change agent with heads of schools and academic leaders to support academics’ effective teaching and assessment practices. The major outcomes will be a shift to an authentic, outcomes-focused approach to teaching demonstrated in the design and evaluation of assessment tasks and a set of guides and resources for mentoring, with an emphasis on supporting early- and mid-career academics.

Fellowship discipline: Engineering, Academic Standards, Assessment

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