Partnering with alumni to enhance graduate success in the health science disciplines

2015 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

Keywords: alumni, health, student success

Professor Jessica Vanderlelie

Fellowship years: 2015 - 2016 (year due to complete)

Abstract: Graduate employability is high on the national education agenda. As such it is both timely and important to redefine our philosophy for engaging alumni to ensure graduate success. This fellowship proposes that by reshaping our conceptions of alumni worth, appreciating their diversity, capturing their experiences and nuancing our approaches to connecting with them, we can establish an intentional, active and authentic partnership between a university study programme and its graduates. Through its suite of activities, this fellowship aims to revision the definition of graduate success to more accurately reflect alumni career experiences throughout the graduate lifecycle and develop a theoretical framework and series of online resources that will empower universities to network with alumni in a mutually beneficial manner to shape curriculum renewal, and the tailoring of employability interventions that not only assist undergraduates but support and enrich the professional lives of our alumni.

Fellowship discipline: Health Sciences