Peer assisted teaching scheme (PATS)

2010 ALTC Teaching Fellow

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Professor Angela Carbone

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2011

Abstract: This fellowship aimed to institute a consistent, university-wide strategy to assist academics with improving units (or subjects) perceived by students as needing critical attention. The fellowship used a peer-assisted teaching model, in which two or more colleagues, including one with prior recognition as an excellent teacher, establish mentoring partnerships. The partners work together to develop goals for unit improvement. Informal student feedback and peer observation are used to monitor progress and enhance unit quality. The fellowship also used four data collection methods to measure the success of the scheme: focus groups, unit evaluations, surveys of associate deans (education) and feedback from the reference group. Outcomes of the fellowship include a university-wide pilot of the peer assisted teaching model, a decrease in both intensity and proportion of units needing critical attention, resources, including guides and workbooks, to support participants, a website, which is a repository of the resources and other materials produced during the program, and the embedding of the Scheme into the GCHE at Monash University. The Scheme has been disseminated through newsletters, at 10 meetings with various Monash education committees, 12 seminars around Australia, and through conference presentations and publications. A major dissemination activity was the Peer Assisted Educational Program Symposium, hosted at Monash University in June 2011 and attended by 90 delegates from 19 institutions.

Fellowship discipline: Engineering, ICT, Science, Technology