Personalising learning using diagnostic and success data for large cohorts

2015 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Dr Adam Bridgeman

Fellowship years: 2015 - 2016 (year due to complete)

Abstract: The first year experience for students in degrees characterised by large classes and multiple pathways can be impersonal and disengaging with passive classroom and online environments and anonymous bureaucratic systems. Yet this experience is pivotal for success, retention and progression: it can make or break the relationship with the institution and with higher education, and shape the approaches to learning and attitude that a student adopts. This fellowship will expand existing transition pedagogy to campaign for and empower staff to develop individualised, adaptive learning environments and personalised student experiences for large classes. It will develop the transition framework to focus on ways to coordinate and integrate support and ensure skill development in large and flexible higher education programmes. To achieve this, the fellowship will draw on Professor Bridgeman’s work and expertise in transition, support, technology-enabled learning and learning analytics to develop practical and sustainable approaches. This personalised approach will be championed as a desirable and achievable standard feature of courses.

Fellowship discipline: Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Technology