Practical leadership for developing and sustaining first-year learning environments that facilitate the success of a diverse student population

2010 ALTC National Teaching Fellow

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Professor Keithia Wilson

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2014

Abstract: This fellowship will develop, document and disseminate an integrated whole-of-school approach to supporting the transition and success of diverse commencing student cohorts across their first year of study. The methodology aligns co-curricular and curricular strategies: a whole-of-school transition strategy requires a conceptualisation that focuses on the processes involved as well as the content strategies for creating an effective learning environment for commencing students. Practitioners and academic managers need a set of practical tools and planning frameworks that enable them to understand their local contexts and cohorts, and sustainably manage the first year learning environment. This fellowship will document the leadership capabilities, facilitation skills and conceptual frameworks required by staff to implement its ‘systems approach’ to the first year experience.

Fellowship discipline: Cross-disciplinary

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