Practice-based education (PBE): enhancing practice and pedagogy

2010 ALTC Teaching Fellowship

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Emeritus Professor Joy Higgs

Fellowship years: 2010 - 2011

Abstract: Higher education rhetoric places a high priority on preparation of graduates for practice. This involves socialisation into the relevant occupational culture and gaining work-readiness capabilities. How the quality of these processes can be achieved receives inadequate attention in literature and curriculum implementation and good practices are more invisible than widely evident. There is a need for enhanced practice-based education (PBE) pedagogy and education to: a. clarify good practice; b. make good practices widespread; and c. better prepare students for practice in 21st century universities and complex workplaces. This program will occur in two arenas: a multidisciplinary university (CSU) which focuses on education for the professions; and a network (APROPOS) of Australian and overseas centres engaged in advancing practice-based and interprofessional education. The three-phase program will examine, develop and disseminate good practices and pedagogies in PBE. Participants at local, national and international levels will engage in the critique, dissemination and embedding of findings in higher education to enhance national impact and sustainability.

Fellowship discipline: All disciplines

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