Professional identity and agency: changing the way STEM students think about their learning and development

2016 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Associate Professor Anne Gardner

Fellowship years: 2016 - 2017 (year due to complete)

Abstract: The increased adoption of blended learning designs, such as flipped instruction, by STEM academics, relies heavily on students being able to take much more responsibility for their own learning than in traditional lecture-based subjects. This Fellowship aims to translate research in the various concepts related to how students approach their learning, such as motivation, self-regulation, and ability to take actions that help them achieve their learning goals, and link these with identity frameworks. This will provide students with a way to self-assess their strengths and weaknesses as an individual, independent learner. Contextualised resources developed in this Fellowship will provide students with guidance in addressing their weaknesses and building on their strengths. In this way students will develop the skills to successfully learn in blended environments in university, as well as the ongoing learning opportunities they will meet in professional practice.

Fellowship discipline: Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Technology


Engineering Personas for Learning Power Profile

Gardner, A.


Learn like a professional

Gardner, A.


Characterising the learning dispositions of first year engineering students

Gardner, A., Goldfinch, T., and Willey, K.