Promoting, acting on and evaluating quality teaching and learning in music higher degrees.

2012 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Professor Scott Harrison

Fellowship years: 2012 - 2013

Abstract: More than twenty years ago, as part of the Dawkins reform agenda for tertiary education, conservatoire across Australia were amalgamated with universities bringing together two very different cultures: the former with its intense focus on performance at the undergraduate level; the latter focussed equally intensely on research at the honours, masters and doctoral levels. Significant progress has been made in merging the cultures since that time, yet the traditional form of research supervision remains a mismatch for preparing researchers in the conservatoire context, particularly in the area of performance. More engaging approaches to doctoral education are needed to increase doctoral completion rates and more sophisticated approaches to managing the quality of learning within doctoral programs are required. The fellowship will address an under-explored area of pedagogy within higher education: the form and quality of interactions between supervisors, students and the professional music community. The pedagogy of dialogue forums will be the starting point for the purpose of improving the higher research and degree supervision process, reducing reliance on the master-apprentice model of research supervision, developing collaborative approaches to supervision and learning, and creating a new citizenry of music educators. The adoption of dialogue forums is applicable to this field as close, shared interactions between teachers and students are commonplace.

Fellowship discipline: Higher Degree Research Supervision, Practical Music Performance Assessment

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