Promoting resilience in higher education: A collaborative approach to curriculum development for student resilience in teacher education

2016 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Associate Professor Caroline Mansfield

Fellowship years: 2016 - 2017 (year due to complete)

Abstract: This Fellowship will lead and engage colleagues in the process of curriculum development with a focus on building capacity for resilience in pre-service teachers. Resilience has become an important issue in higher education, particularly in caring professions, such as teaching, where graduates experience high levels of stress in the workplace. Development of resilience skills and strategies has been shown to benefit early career teachers, enabling them to manage multiple challenges, and not only survive but also thrive. Capitalising on the interest and momentum generated by the Fellow’s previous work and building on already extensive expertise, a collaborative approach will be used to lead strategic change in teacher education curriculum. Working with teams of colleagues at five universities in different states, contextually responsive approaches to resilience building in teacher education will be developed and embedded. A key deliverable is a series of authentic cases to illustrate innovative approaches to promoting resilience in teaching and learning in higher education.

Fellowship discipline: Caring professions, Curriculum Development, Education, International Partnerships, National Collaboration, Teacher resilience, Teacher wellbeing