Promoting strategies and creating opportunities for inter/multimedia practice as a culturally appropriate dissemination tool for Indigenous postgraduate research training

2008 ALTC Teaching Fellowship

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Associate Professor Sandy O'Sullivan

Fellowship years: 2008 - 2011

Abstract: Indigenous research students have significantly reduced participation in the academy compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts. The recommendation of the Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Committee identified the need to pursue strategies that are pedagogically in line with Indigenous Knowledge practice and that promote alternative methods of merging the community experience of Indigenous research students, with sound research training. This Fellowship aims to stimulate Indigenous research students and their supervisors to consider multi/intermedia forms of dissemination, such as image/sound, film, exhibition and digital media, as culturally appropriate alternatives to the linear, written thesis form. It will provide the opportunity, working within the Batchelor Institute Both-Ways philosophy, to promote models of practice that support multi-disciplinary Indigenous Knowledge outcomes across the higher education sector. The project will develop online seminars, create a sustainable website and online resource centre, and progress a series of online intermedia skill-sets for research students and their supervisors.

Fellowship discipline: Knowledge / Research, Multimedia / Indigenous, Teaching / Pedagogies, Training / Online

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