Recognising and rewarding teaching: Australian teaching standards and expert peer review

2015 OLT National Senior Teaching Fellowship

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Emeritus Professor Denise Chalmers

Fellowship years: 2015 - 2019

Abstract: The fellowship will focus on three complementary areas of activity under the unifying theme of rewarding and recognising teaching. The capacity of tertiary institutions to reward and recognise teaching has been elusive, despite progress being made in the development of teaching criteria and the identification of appropriate evidence of teaching excellence. The fellowship will: (1) extend and embed the outcomes of the Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards project; (2) investigate the feasibility of a sector-developed and endorsed Australian Professional Tertiary Teacher Standards. This will provide an external standard against which individuals and institutions can benchmark teacher quality; (3) investigate and trial a process of peer review that will apply teaching criteria and standards and model how to assess teaching excellence and quality. The fellowship will deliver outcomes for individuals, institutions and the Australian tertiary sector. It will investigate and demonstrate how to enhance and reward university teaching that sustains a focus on teaching that delivers quality student learning experiences.

Fellowship discipline: Cross-disciplinary

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