The Changing Nature of the Academic Role in Science

2014 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Pauline Ross

Fellowship years: 2014 - 2019

Abstract: Higher education and academics are under an onslaught of pressures. To create the student and academic success we desire in a reconfiguring higher education landscape, the academic role needs to differentiate. This fellowship will reconceptualise the academic role and create a framework to evaluate academic teaching in the sciences. The lack of differentiation in the academic role is being felt acutely by the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines (STEM) where the pervasive emphasis has been on research. Declining enrolments and perceived falling standards of STEM graduates, both nationally and internationally, raise concerns about the future pipeline of STEM graduates and a public who are well disposed towards science. This fellowship will with work with leaders in higher education, peak bodies, senior leaders in disciplinary research and teaching and early-mid career academics to reconceptualise the academic role in the sciences and create an evaluation framework to ensure Australia has excellent academic teachers of STEM in the future.

Fellowship discipline: Biological sciences