Research into Practice: Evidence-informed, best practice visualisation for a deep understanding of science

2014 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Roy Tasker

Fellowship years: 2014 - 2019

Abstract: Learning science involves imagination and modelling of imperceptible phenomena, such as molecular events, force fields and energy changes, to explain observable phenomena (for example, smells) and to create new insights. Visualisation of these imperceptible phenomena is the key to making meaning from the symbolism and mathematics in science that too often alienates novice students. This senior fellowship will lead a national conversation on visualisation in university science, informed by cognitive science research on the factors determining how the brain perceives, process, stores and receives audiovisual information. In a series of workshops, participants will experience best practice as they learn good design principles for visualisations and strategies for how to use them in their teaching. In follow-up workshops, students will apply what they have learnt to design their own visualisations of challenging threshold concepts.

Fellowship discipline: Science