Rethinking assessment in the participatory digital world – Assessment 2.0

2009 ALTC Associate Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Geoff Crisp

Fellowship years: 2009 - 2011

Abstract: This fellowship will develop strategies to assist teachers and higher education institutions to align their learning, teaching and assessment practices in a rapidly changing digital context. The assessment of student activities in collaborative and interactive digital learning environments and how to appropriately design assessment activities in a participatory web environment are major challenges facing universities. Students are using learning environments that include social networking, syndicated media-sharing services, collaborative editing, virtual worlds and digital portfolios; how are we going to provide valid and reliable assessments that align with skills developed in these new learning environments? The emphasis for this fellowship will be on the appropriate, effective and productive assessment of activities in participatory Web 2.0 environments. Building local communities of practice around these issues is an important goal of the fellowship activities.

Fellowship discipline: Academic staff, E-assessment, Higher education, Learning and Professional Development

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