Sociology teaching and Indigenous issues

2015 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Associate Professor Kathleen Butler

Fellowship years: 2015 - 2016 (year due to complete)

Abstract: Indigenisation of curriculum remains a significant part of the national tertiary agenda. While ‘whole-of-university’ approaches represent one strategy for this implementation, disciplinary specific initiatives allow for a more targeted inclusion to embed within and transform knowledge systems. This fellowship seeks to formally extend critical conversations on Indigenisation of curriculum to the discipline of sociology. Given sociology’s role in mandatory service teaching to a range of cross-faculty degree programmes such as nursing and teaching the impact of changes within the discipline will resonate beyond the Humanities and Social Sciences. The fellowship will employ focus groups in three states to gather data, culminating in a symposium highlighting models of best practice. These models will be disseminated through a range of means including an ongoing website hosted by The University of Newcastle

Fellowship discipline: Indigenous Studies, Sociology